Independent game developers how to deal with unblocked games ideas?

At present, the fourth year of college, from scratch to do a year and a half of the unblocked games. Would like to talk about their own ideas, wrong please correct me.

Made a TCGlike unblocked games, the core functions are basically completed, only the LAN online Battle function. Recently to a stage, the basic play has been completed. Also tangle or do not continue to do so, there are many things you want to do not yet, but also almost can not see the hope.

Independent unblocked games developer

Promotion, dissemination, profit – unblocked games

Many independent games are walking Apple store. Now the unblocked games development environment, independent stand-alone, host game basically no hope, there is hope to have steam greenlight.. Mobile phone itself is more suitable for some relatively lightweight design, RTS, FPS, Dotalike these games are moved to the basic mobile phone is not OK, the phone itself is a great limitation on performance.

Theme selection, the same subject matter to face the manufacturers, independent developers have no advantage. When you go to someone to test the time,
“How do you think this game?”
“Will you play?”
“will not.”
“There’s Hearth Stone.”

The more core of the game, the higher the entry requirements, the fewer players

Compared to what “flappy bird” self-torture game, the core of the game to the players to be much less, you can get feedback, praise, money should be less.

There are not enough test groups. Like I now do almost want to engage in some people to test, can not find people ah, my friends have basically helped me finish the test.

Fusion of multiple games. My situation is that the game with two very innovative play as the core, the results I had a lot of energy on teaching closed. Making a teaching is really a very, very boring thing, whether it is design or procedural, it does not produce a new play point. Because of their limited resources, teaching off done is still very bad, if you can join the voice guidance rather than the text effect will be greatly improved.

Independent unblocked games developer

Ability and resources

Consulting a unblocked games planner to continue to do the views, he said : “card card game is not suitable for the resources of the individual developers.” (Like the “zun” as design, procedures, art, music are their own personal developers is too strong.) I think to make a game generally need at least two people, a proficient program, a Master art. When looking for art, someone told me that 3d art is a very troublesome thing, so the independent game is generally 2d. In terms of sound, and a sound music to do people chat, he suggested that “anyway, there is a budget, then the sound or spend a little money to find someone to solve better because the general will not use too much, but can solve a lot It ‘s much better than the art of plenty of resources.

Now it seems to have chosen such a subject is a mistake. I know so much. I just want to do what i want to do, no matter what game type it is.
– A producer who has no resources, no contacts, no experience

Giulia Rossi
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