The discussion: Do you have to do more than licking the tape stupid thing?

Since the beginning of March Nintendo a new generation of “switch” unblocked games accept after the release, my friends seem to be not normal, they are like a monster like, scrambling to lick a game cassette. And after licking have been with a terrible grim expression to show me: “is not so bitter!”

This time Nintendo afraid of his game card will be swallowed by children, so joined the world’s most bitter – benzoin ammonium, perhaps human vigorous curiosity, in short, I am very long for the legendary bitter bitter To what extent?

Ever since, I specifically interviewed three guests, inviting them to be blatantly, objective and impartial description of the state and psychological licking the tape, I believe will let everyone in the tongue filled with an invisible bitterness. You ask me why don’t I lick? I want to eat delicious (fled).

As for why we get the first thing after the tape is licking the card … …

unblocked games accept

Guest @Levin: Sorry! Is not satisfied! As a good young man from the engineering, it is necessary to dare to challenge the benzamide. In short ~ I added to the Nintendo cassette “currently known the most bitter compound” this thing, has a strong curiosity, so get the first thing the game is to lick the cassette!

Licking after the beginning of suspected life, a long time to survive

Guests @Shally: In order to solve the bitter taste, I prepared a glass of milk, after all, milk can reduce the spicy stimulus, Then start in the unblocked Games accept the next challenge. First licking the 1 / 2switch, the first mouth down and did not feel the obvious bitter taste, feeling like to buy a fake card, so the next direct straight licking the entire cassette back, have a clear bitter to come.

This bitter taste will be filled in your mouth and tongue for a long time, drink milk, brush your teeth will not help to eliminate the taste, the mouth has been lingering a touch of sad bitter taste, so you always think they should not lick the card.

unblocked games accept

Guest @Levin: When I use the trembling right hand to the lap to the mouth, mercilessly licking a big mouth after … … ye or a plastic taste? The In order to experience this precious bitterness, I directly into the mouth of the cassette, savor. Well, there is a bit of a bitter taste, but that good “the most bitter compound”?

However, I overlooked one thing, that is, from beginning to end my tongue did not come into contact with the front of the cassette, that is, close to the side of the game label.

Finally, I licked the game label, the moment a strong irritating taste spread from my tongue, which is a nerve stimulation, tongue licking the tape of the site, has lost some of the perception. I used to drink honey water, eat hot pot, brush your teeth and other methods, or can not eliminate the mouth of the nerve tingling. Until the next day to get up, the bitter inside the mouth was gone.

unblocked games accept

I may be more Endurance, it feels a bit like bitter gourd – unblocked games accept

Guest @Zombie tree: What kind of taste do you ask me? It is a faint taste of taste, accompanied by the atmosphere of youth. Licking the tape in the moment, I seem to return to the 15-year-old summer, in the farm’s grandmother’s barn, saw a lump of horse manure, Then start in the unblocked Games accept the next challenge. And then I think, should also let my dog ​​feel it. Yeah, do not say, do not know today my dog will not forgive me.

unblocked games accept

Presumably @ zombie tree home dog dog heart is crashing: i am doing something wrong you want to be so to me!

In this “You will lose one hundred million if you don’t try” era, Presumably everyone licking the card when the mood and in Zelda to kill the chicken, in Assassin’s Creed inside the performance of Leap of Faith, in the “MineCraft” digging at the foot of the box, bear the consequences but also enjoy the pleasure of death.

Do not know you at this moment there is no personal experience to the taste of the tape it? If this time in front of you put a game cassette, you will choose to lick it?

Giulia Rossi
Speak with contempt of none,form slave to king,the meanest bee,and will use,a sting.

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