Top 10 Best Fun Unblocked Games at Home and Schools in 2017

Killing time might be the longest 5 or 10 minutes of your life without anything to do but stare at that light post while sitting on a park bench with your laptop waiting for your friend. You can read a book if you want to, but if you want something else that could give you a little bit of excitement while waiting, Unblocked game are there to the rescue!

Unblocked game are any games you can play thru any browser using Adobe flash player. As long as you have a device and internet connection, you might be asking for more than 10 minutes of waiting time. Here is our top 10 picks that will surely keep your minds and fingers busy.

Top 10 Best Fun Unblocked Game

1. Tic-Tac-Toe- from your homeroom notebook to the empty space on the ground, kids and kids at heart knows this game. This game is a 2-player game, where you toss a coin to know who goes first. In the virtual world, you opponent is an AI or the computer. First player has to place his symbol on a box, next player does the same until a player forms a straight or diagonal line of his own symbol. First guy who does this wins the game.

2. Motherload – a 2000’s hit, Motherload is a great game which requires digging, The player looks for gold using a mining pod, and if you can’t get enough of it, you can always purchase pod upgrades to make sure you get the tile of the best gold digger.

3. Age of War – if you want to go back in time, fight together with cavemen and dinosaurs. This is a strategy game where you have to protect your own base, while at the same time advance to your enemy to conquer theirs. The more enemies you defeat, the more money you get and more chances of building your own range troops.

4. Hextris – a fast paced puzzle game inspired by Tetris. Blocks usually start on the edges of the screen, and fall towards the inner blue hexagon. The objective of the game is to prevent the blocks from stacking outside the area of the grey hexagon by rotating the hexagon to collect different stacks of blocks on each face. Players should aim to connect 3 or more blocks of the same color. When they match up, those 3 blocks are destroyed, and the blocks above them slide down.

5. Plants vs. Zombies – who does not love this game? Players usually skip Crazy Dave’s grumbling to get to the game proper. Players get to pick which plant they’ll use to defend their house. Strategy is the key here, from planting your sunflowers, collecting sunlight, while waiting for the plants t be ready for planting and strategizing their position on your yard to make sure zombies are killed. If all else fails, there are mowers to save you from zombies eating your brains out.

Plants-vs-Zombies-fun-unblocked game

6. Cut the rope – Not your average cutting rope game, Cut the rope tests your thinking skills in making sure your green pet Omnom is fed. His candies are stuck on the ropes, and you need to cut the rope on the right place to make sure the candy gets to Omnom’s hungry belly.

7. Mario Run – Unlike the classic Mario where you got on a quest to save the Princess, Mario run gives Mario a simpler job – to run as fast as he can otherwise his old time enemy Bowser might catch him and get rid of him for good.

8. Hungry Shark – This unblocked game is about a shark who has to feed on fresh meat every now and then to live. Your aim is to make sure this big fish eats by moving him around the waters to eat fish, squids, and even men on boats. Failing to let this shark eat ends the game.

9. Burgeria – this simple burger-making game Is addicting and satisfying as you need to prepare and serve burgers according to the customer’s specifications. Not making the burger as per their instructions will give you lower points and lesser bragging rights.

10. Zombie Tsunami – the aim of this game is to eat more brains and expand your zombie legion. The game starts with one zombie moving slowly to the left of the screen, and as you eat brains; your zombies grow in numbers. Also as you progress on the game, more obstacles are placed and the pace goes faster and faster, much like temple run, only it is you whom the men needs to run away from.

There are so many ways to kill time, but I bet playing these fun unblocked game would definitely kill your boredom while waiting.

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