Tips and Tricks to Help You Win 5 Popular Flash Sports Games

Flash sports games are popular games to play on the Internet. These fun unblocked games can be accessed online and there are so many categories to choose from. Sports games are among some of the more commonly chosen game types. Here are 5 of the most popular flash sport games tips and tricks to help you get the best score possible.

Big Jump Challenge

Big-Jump-Challenge-at-fun unblocked games

In this fun unblocked games, you are a skier. You will ski down a mountain, that gradually goes back up again, jump off the edge and perform as many tricks as you can before landing. The point of this game is to get the highest score possible. You are marked at the end of each ski jump for:

· Trick: Based on the trick difficulty
· Air: Based on how long you spent in the air.
· Style: Based on how well you performed it.

It is quite a simple fun unblocked games but it can be difficult getting more and more points each time. Here are some ways on how to get a better score.

· Continuously press the space bar to build up speed as you travel up and down the mountain. This will help you gain momentum.

· Make sure you get a good spring off the mountain

· The higher you jump, the more time you will have in the air and the longer you will have to do more difficult tricks.

· When you land, align your skis to make it parallel to the ground for a safe and steady landing.

· Land backwards for more style points.

Want to know what kind of tricks you can perform for high trick scores? Some ideas include:

· 7 Lincolns
· Quadruple front flip with 7.5 spins with grab
· Quadruple backflip wit 7 spins
· Switch, quadruple backflip with 8 spins with grab

Make sure that you build good momentum, have a nice spring, decent tricks, and a steady landing to get the best score possible.

Super Soccer Noggins

Super-Soccer-Noggins-fun unblocked-games

This is another popular flash sports game that you can play. In this fun unblocked games, you choose a team. Your options are:

· France
· Germany
· Spain
· Portugal
· England
· Russia
· Netherlands
· Poland

Once you have chosen your team, you can begin playing. You verse another team, with one player on each side. You must kick the soccer ball, using the arrows on your keyboard as well as the space bar or “x” to kick. The aim is to get it in the goal behind the other player. Once you win games, use the money you earn to upgrade your team:

· Rush: Speed in which you move forward

· Backtrack: Speed in which you move backwards.

· Jump: How high you can jump

· Kick: How strong your kick is

With each level, the level of difficulty gets harder. For example, in the second level, the ground is split into 5 parts and each part randomly moves up and down. In another, there are bonuses floating in the air above the players that you can hit with the soccer ball. Doing this will grant special skills or move that will give you an advantage.

Archery King – Fun unblocked games

Another entry in this game development diary is Archery King. In this popular unblocked games, you compete with other archers in a series of tournaments. You want to earn money so you can buy better equipment to advance to harder levels.

When you play Archery King, you need to aim for the target using a bow, draw and shoot. It sounds simple, but the bow is constantly moving as you try to position it, and there may be other external forces to consider such as the wind. To help you hit the target every single time, here are some tips and tricks:

· When there is wind, pay attention to the force and direction in which it is blowing. This will affect your bow’s positioning. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if the wind is at 1, then aim just past the 9 ring.

· Make sure that you spend the money you earn on buying better equipment. The best item that you can upgrade is the bow. The more expensive and professional the bow is, the better your aim will be, even with wind and distance affecting you.

· Buy bow sights. This will help you zoom in as much as possible so you can align your targets better.

· Better quality arrows can also make a difference in how well you shoot, especially when going up against the wind.


Dunkers is a simple yet fun way to pass the time. In this game, you are controlling a basketball player, and versing one other person. You need to jump and dunk the ball into the hoop. If you are looking to improve your Dunker’s game, then follow these tips and tricks:

· Don’t try to continuously tap fast to jump higher. Instead, hold the jump for longer; you will jumper higher and further.

· Take advantage of the backpedal option at the bottom left side corner. Tapping this will make your player hop back a bit. Use this control when you need to move backwards quickly to defend your opponent or to get a better shot. Unlike with the jump button, tap this one quickly.

· Make sure that you are always in possession of the ball. This will increase your chances of winning.

· Constantly be on the move. Don’t make it easy for your opponent to jump and score.

· Practice, practice, practice. Before using playing in the Career mode, which will make you lose ranks and XP if you lose, play in the Arcade mode. If you lose here, the game will just reset.

· Avoid bumping into your opponent with your arms out in front of you with the ball. This will give him the chance to steal it.

Hockey Stars

Hockey Stars allow players to live out their ice hockey playing fantasies. This fun unblocked games lets you track stats, win awards and coins with every win, as well as level up. There are 4 arenas that you can play in, with more than 80 teams and new formations to unlock.

Want to become a hockey star? This is how:

· Take advantage of the free coins: There is a “Free Coins Collect Now” button that lets you complete certain tasks to win coins. These activities are simple and easy such as watching videos.

· Win free cash: Another great way to get rewards is through the free cash system. It works similarly with the free coins; you need to complete the stipulated tasks to get cash. This may be more beneficial because cash is the official currency of the game.

· Purchase new upgrades: Now that you have money and coins, go to the store and buy new formations. This refers to the arrangement of players in the game. Use these formations, playing to strengths and weaknesses, to have an advantage over your opponent.

We hope that this article in our fun unblocked games development diary has given you hints on how to better your skills and abilities in 5 of the most popular flash sports games available. By using these tips and tricks, you will find it easier to level up, beat your opponents and win the game.

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