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The game uses keyboard and mouse control, WASD move, mouse attack, M or E to see the map, I or Q to view the equipment, drag the weapon to the body can be used. There is a shop in your own base, which can be purchased or sold equipment. Need to pay special attention to is: out of the edge of the deck will fall, be careful.

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RoboKill, no exaggeration to say, this is my had played the most fun flash game. Especially the picture, very delicate, very texture. Flash unblocked games can do this, it is the ultimate. Of course, there is no best, only better.

The biggest feature of this game is the sound and picture, the robot’s shoulders and hands were equipped with different weapons, that is, four weapons, and four weapons together shotting is very pleasure, also the fun of the combination of weapons.

In this unblocked games, you can control an robotic “Robokill”, which be equipped many kinds of weapons. In the space station, you need to face a wide variety of robots and traps. When the player will defeat the enemy, when the player defeats the enemy, will drop the weapons, equipment, supplies, or money. Players can use the money to buy upgrades equipment, so that they have a stronger security in this chaotic space station.

The game screen is very beautiful, and there are upgrade the elements, is completely high level of stand-alone game level. The details of the game are handled very well, When attack, you can see the Bullet shells falling on the ground, the bullet hit the wall and bounced back, and heard the sound from the wall to the ground.

All weapons are divided into light, medium, heavy, from the shape can easily distinguish. Some weapons with special effects, special effects of weapons will display silver or gold logo. The silver logo represents a special effect, and the golden sign represents two or more effects. Weapons are: machine guns, shotguns, artillery, light shotgun, laser guns. Different types, different effects of weapons fire rate, range, and combat effects are different.

The type of game is a gun battle, is a hero face to a lot of enemies crazy kind of shotting, my favorite type. The type of game is a gun battle, is a hero face to a lot of enemies crazy kind of shotting, my favorite type. I Still like FPS very much, Like the “Serious Sam” series. The dark side of the heart always need find a way for release, ah ~ should be like this … …

Giulia Rossi
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