Prism Panic

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Move with the [arrow] keys, jump with [Z], and attack with [X]. [X] can not only be used to bust down certain blockades, though, but also dash through the air a short distance (even upwards!), letting you cover gaps you couldn't just jump across. If you take damage, you'll explode and be booted back to the start of the last area you entered, but since they're small, it's usually a short trip. And hey, it's going to give you plenty of opportunities to practice your wall-climbing! Over and over and over. If this flash game doesn't work on your computer, go here for help.

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Prism Panic

Armed with Wings – Prism Panic: Description

A psychedelic, challenging platformer in Prism Panic. A game where the world is being torn apart by dark energy and it’s all your fault. See, you chased down and accidentally activated a mysterious prism that has sent dark mirrors shifting throughout the land, turning both the formerly harmless flora and fauna deadly whenever they pass through it. In order to set things right, you’ll have to track down the dark mirrors in each zone and defeat the bosses guarding them. Make no mistake, the game is hard, but never really feels unfair. And if you’re looking for a challenge, then Prism Panic will meet you head-on.


“Prism Panic” created by:Connor Ullmann and Noel Berry. Action game

“Prism Panic” an unblocked games Action that we hand picked for This unblocked games for school is one of the many Action games that we feature. If you want to play more games, head over to the Action game page, or just check out this page: The Best Unblocked Games in July 2017. And be sure to check back often, No matter what you?re in the mood for, our wide variety of free unblocked games that will satisfy gamers of all skill-levels and ages. To play even more free games, view our all time top games page.

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