“Pokemon Go” trading system development, only to support face-to-face exchange

“Pokemon Go” introduced a new system – game player

Last July, Nintendo and Niantic jointly launched by the “Pokemon Go” set off a wave in the global Capture Wizard, the AR model also relies on innovative gameplay to break a number of game records, now more than half a year later, now the heat is gradually declining, how to increase the playability of the game has become a pressing matter of the moment developers. To this end, Niantic CEO JohnHanke said in an interview with the media, will be launched in the future trading and battle system to enhance the “Pokemon Go” playability and continuity. The trading system which is able to let the game player treasure may dream of exchange, but up to now the system is not loaded in the unblocked games.

Pokemon-Go-game player

According to Polygon reports, the editor of San Francisco in the United States at the GDC2017 developers conference access to the “Pokemon Go” Product Manager TatsuoNomura, he said on the part of the trading function is currently being discussed, although there are a lot of details can not be revealed, but the game player is certainly not directly through the network and other online exchange treasure dream, but can only exchange with my friends.

In Polygon reports, TatsuoNomura said he did not think the trading system can effectively alleviate the game in some areas caused by the congestion situation. In addition, he also revealed that the team is currently envisaged trading systems exist in the game, if self defeating, it is very easy to erase the game of life. TatsuoNomura also pointed out that the “Pokemon Go” the meaning of existence is to let people go outside interaction, if the future trading system, they may want to live in the game player and the rare treasure to be infested area dream to meet friends, it may also be a good direction.

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