Nuwpy’s Adventure

Light Switch
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Use A/D or left/right arrow to move left and right. Use W or up arrow to jump. For mobile phone users please click: Nuwpy's Adventure Mobile controls: Hold and move left side screen to show virtual joystick; Tap right side screen to jump; Hold the jump button to make Nuwpy jump higher.

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Nuwpy’s Adventure

GAME INFO – Nuwpy’s Adventure

Nuwpy’s Adventure is fun and addicting platform game. Help Nuwpy to collect all the coins and reach the finish area safely. You can jump on enemies to eliminate them, but not all enemies can be jumped on! If the enemies have pointy stuff on their heads, it means that you can’t jump on them. There are many challenges waiting for you in each level.

Giulia Rossi
Speak with contempt of none,form slave to king,the meanest bee,and will use,a sting.