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Key operation: mouseleft crawl. How to get started: After the game loads, click twice to the right arrow, then click the play button three times to start the game. Game goal: crawl more treasures.

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Tip: The game file is large, please be patient waiting for loading.

Mr. mining is a cartoon style casual puzzle game, the traditional gold miners gameplay, a game without age restrictions, players need to help miners in a limited time as much as possible to dig something valuable, but also can With the props to carry out mining activities, through the excavation of the way, enjoy the underground mining area. Through a certain amount of accumulated, for you to show a wonderful Competition process. Accurate build gem income, good form of professional mining properties! Like gold miners of the friends may wish to try to play this unblocked games!

Mechanized operating module, so that mining becomes simple. The real underground world presents, need to get gems to get customs clearance. Complete the specified target, the formation of exclusive puzzle fun, cherish the use of energy, grasp the time to win!

Game introduction:
Mr. miner one day at home found a key, the key is to open a miner world. The player’s mission is to help the miner start crawling the gem, the excavator’s fuel is limited, before the fuel consumption to grab more gems, get a higher score!

Game features:
Recreational mining games, traditional mining methods;
Carnival games, exercise eyesight and speed;
Debris time game, something nothing to play one.

Giulia Rossi
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