Min Hero – Tower of Sages

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Controls: Mouse = Choose Attack, Arrows / WASD = Move, Space = Interact. Train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages.

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Min Hero – Tower of Sages

Min-Hero: Tower of Sages is a Pokémon-inspired flash unblocked games developed by the hard-working game development team Toy Chest Games . In the game you train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages.

This is a cute game with many choices of monsters. For a free game, 101 is a good amount and being that there’s many elements.

I like but there is something, a small detail, i would like to see implemented (hope i didn’t miss see it). When hovering mouse on enemys, a popup could show stats of it, specialy what kind of enemy i’m dealing with.

Here are the element weakness for all who want them: Water is weak to electric, grass and flying. Grass is weak to fire, ice, dino, demon and flying. Earth is weak to water, grass and undead. Fire is weak to water and earth. Electric is weak to earth and dino. Undead is weak to plant, fire and holy. Robot is weak to fire, electric, water and dino. Flying is weak to electric and earth. Demon is weak to water and holy. Holy is weak to demon and normal. Ice and Dino not mentioned.

new strength/weakness chart at bottom, (also, just a fun fact one of the weakness of the undead is plant type. Because I’m a huge fan of plants vs zombies 🙂 )

FINALLY! A good game like this that doesn’t have all the buyable crap, energy bars ( for actions like battling. You know what I mean), and good gameplay. Well done fine sir. This is my personal gameplay opinion. Other, more experienced players can add on to this, as well. They’ll know what they’re doing.

Now ,quit raging at unexpected moves and play the unblocked games right.

Min Hero - Tower of Sages

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