Metal Animals

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Metal Animals to the rescue! Control a team of cute and furry animals with weapons, and defend the tank from the enemy invasion. Stop the evil animals from destroying your tank!

Game Details

Metal Animals

You have a tank, and have three kinds of animals, respectively, repair the sheep’s tank, take the shotgun’s cat, And dogs that use mortars. Animals have time constraints, only 1 minute in the tank above the time, probably they are too naughty it.

Your tank is on its way and is attacked by the enemy. And you, commander, you need to assure that the tank is not destroyed, so being able to repair the tank’s sheep is a very critical animal that can repair the damage suffered by the tank.

Along the way need to eliminate all kinds of enemies, cats and dogs come in handy. Cats and dogs can cooperate… The This is probably only in the game, Cat and dog war’s were made into a movie, and all the creatures on earth know that they are not harmony. But this unblocked games, the cat and the dog stood on the same front, and took up the weapons to lesson the enemy, this is really rare, this game developer a peace enthusiast? He should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize it.

Well, the topic of cats and dogs So far, let’s continue to enjoy the game. This is a very boring game, this game developer in order to increase the degree of fun, but also provides a tank upgrade function. This is not the game that has been firing bullets. At the beginning of the game there are two languages to choose from, one is ENGLISH, one is ITALIANO. In addition you can edit your team, in fact, not only three kinds of animals, but can only play three kinds of animals, you can also choose a wolf as a fire shooter. The producers are also very intimate design of a “How to play.” Ah, so simple small games also need to design “How to play”?

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