Do their own little game, a little nostalgic

introduction game:

When the second grade junior high school has a star, and one of the platinum unblocked games hero altar attracted me, although later play gold hero altar, but still has a special liking for the platinum edition.
The content of the story was little, shouted unfulfilling ah, think time flies time travel, whim, then no fun to play, is now in accordance with their own ideas to do this, we must play.
The fusion of Jin Yong ‘s heroes and martial arts heroes, which are then played several times, they thought the story was too little game.
This game is the individual production, the limited time of normal level, do not have the time and the game industry, the game will improve down, so the beginning of open area and not much patience to wait for the update, please forgive me, I will let all the people no longer love this classic meaning still not.

martial arts

The martial arts game features

Retro unblocked games, pure free stand-alone role-playing game, without networking, no purchase.
At the same time to follow the original added 2 new maps, divided into the Central Plains martial arts, martial arts, martial arts and south western regions, 13 new schools.
The name of the hero legend is different from the energy-saving, so the content of the original, there are a lot of new game player needs to be explored.


The whole unblocked games is completely in accordance with the original style of the resurrection, removed part feel inappropriate places, such as all the tasks done are going to find a Gu Yanwu, Gu Yanwu was too tired, let him concentrate on education.

update frequency

According to the number of unblocked games player and all the feedback, and my personal time, if more people play, feedback, I will find time to improve the update of the game, even if it is a person, I will respect your suggestions and opinions.

The game features

some chest organs or secret is a password, if the input error will self destruct, so don’t fancy.

system part of martial arts cheats, magic weapon to see you have found the right person in the relationship

in addition to the original martial martial also joined in 13 groups, each group of each characteristic

your age, your hunger, your thirst, will always be changing.

system remember the enigma of hunting, painting, calligraphy,…?

different training level of martial arts movements, the power will change.

the fate of heaven nature adventure, martial arts cheats, magic weapon will see you a chance

good versus evil, two kinds of life two fate

Knight island and the light top can make the flame through the good and evil and to defeat the enemy off guard falling equipment

all equipment properties in addition to random changes, but also can be strengthened and inlaid gem

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