Line of fire

Light Switch
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Keyboard arrow keys control ↑ ↓ ← → control the move, A key down the release of missiles, D key shooting, S key missiles, W key special attack, space bar to accelerate, P key to suspend the game; How to get started: Click START GAME - Click SKIP THIS - select difficulty

Game Details

Line of fire

This is a very touching game, its developers must be a very interesting person. In this free unblcoked games, the style of the game is a ball-point pen graffiti, like a child in the paper to draw the war, the screen should be purely hand-made, that is, the war on the notebook.

At the beginning there will be an executive to analyze the war situation, and assign the task. It is estimated that drink more wine, he has a big tongue. Speak a lot of words. As we are going to be on the battlefield we really do not want to seriously listen! Click skip!

Your task is to support front-line teammates, but half by the enemy occupied, how to support teammates, through the enemy’s defense it!

Game goals
Control the fighter to avoid the enemy’s attack, as much as possible to destroy all the enemies!

Giulia Rossi
Speak with contempt of none,form slave to king,the meanest bee,and will use,a sting.

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