Four meanings of game evaluation

As a game practitioner and enthusiast, playing games, writing games evaluation is my personal hobbies and work needs. So that outsiders mistakenly believe that the work is to play games every day, it is not surprising. If you do not experience the unblocked games with the objective and method, it’s difficult to write the evaluation report. This article is about how I write the evaluation, and what I know about it.

How to write a unblocked games evaluation

Three stage – Games evaluation

The first stage, according to my understanding of the game, according to the game system one by one classification, and according to the relationship between them to relation. Such as task systems, social systems, role growth systems. According to this method, you can clearly find out from the perspective of God every play, and how these mechanisms exist in the game. But God’s perspective is easy to ignore two important roles – gamer and designer. The former is the object of the game service, is the main body; the latter is the creator of the game, is the dominant. And the game itself is the result of both games. If you ignore the two, Only research on the game content, some causal inversion. In this way the results of thinking, may be wrong.

In response to this, I try to find the player in the game three lines – demand line, growth line, resource line. The demand line is the player’s long-term goal in the game, the growth line is the core mechanism to achieve the principle, the resource line is the economic system, materials, equipment other props production and consumption. Given the broad definition of “game”, not all games contain clear three lines. This way analysis of the game, there are several problems. First is efficiency. Such as equipment in the three lines are very important role, it is difficult to concise, clearly expressed. Second, the player’s demand line is much the same, do not have to repeat; Finally, the game’s resource line focuses on value, it’s difficult to get this information when you experience the game as a player.

The idea of this evaluation is: experience the players feel, to seize the player needs. Systematically understand the structure of a game to understand how the game designer to meet the needs of players, how to achieve the goal of the game.

How to write a unblocked games evaluation


The common problem with writing evaluation is that the position is not clear. Because evaluation there are many kinds, the game media evaluation, the player’s evaluation, the game planning evaluation, etc., their purpose is different, so the content is not the same. In my work, my position is: as a member of the project team, for other members to introduce a game, simply judge whether the game is worth introducing, predicting its rating. And as my hobby, the games evaluation should be a brief introduction to meet the needs of readers, more importantly, is concerned about the “Palpitate with excitement” moment. Grasp the position, writing will not deviate from the center of gravity, it will not write some irrelevant issues. And if the from player and designer two angles to understand the game, I think have the following differences.

As a player

1, First talk about this thing, then talk about good is not good. just Like movie, everyone sees something that is not the same, so the feelings and feedback are not the same. To know the players see and the designer would like to show the same thing, what is the difference.

2, Everyone, every point of feeling are worthy of attention, because a person’s feelings may also be a lot of players feel. Feelings are objective facts, and modify the program is often a more one-sided view. A bad feeling, behind the problem may not be the direct feedback of the content, but a deeper reason.

As a designer

1, The system to sort out the game structure. Dismantled the game into numbers, rules, psychology, aesthetics.

2, Think about the deeper issues behind feelings and feedback. The game mechanism as a whole point of view, to see it in order achieve what purpose, to achieve what effect, how to choose. No overall plan for a fundamental transformation is the worst.

Play game, write games evaluation of the Significance

How to write a unblocked games evaluation

1, Rich product awareness

The so-called “Have great experience”, understand the market a variety of common play and a variety of themes and narrative, familiar with a variety of art style. At this point can achieve the first layer of games evaluation value: spread. You can use their own aesthetic and text, the good game spread to more people – the industry or the majority of players, this is a great sense of accomplishment. It is worth thinking about whether staying in this test can create more value. I have a negative view of this.

2, Product kernel mining

Insight into the game elements, mechanisms, motives of the logical structure of the three, that is, to understand the nature of the game. Each system is the basic elements of the game, all of these elements are how to combine together to become a complete mechanism. Whether this mechanism formed a closed-loop game, whether the player can take the initiative to follow the closed-loop game. To understand the behavior of different users and spending habits, the game in order to generate income from different types of users, we must meet the different needs, in line with their habits.

3, Follow-up product decision-making

This is mainly reflected in the Product Manager. Decision on the project is based on an accurate understanding of product requirements and user behavior. Project life cycle in the project management, planning promotional activities, predict the game rating, and then adjust the marketing, resource allocation, product optimization and a series of decision-making, forecasting costs and recycling, to guide the game pay positioning and payment system.

4, Become a good game talent

Have a deep understanding of the game and an accurate understanding of the business side. In their own vertical business can Take charge as chief of, also familiar with all the relevant work. To achieve more ambitious long-term goals.

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