What is the process of game development? – talk about the game from scratch

Often someone asked me how the game was developed? I developed several games, driving class game, fighting class game, adventure class games and so on a variety of unblocked games, and now there are two games in operation, I feel i can give someone else to answer it. Now let us talk about how the game development is carried out.

In general, the original intention of the game development of the game is different, some are for fun, some are to make money, some to learn and so on, but if you want to make the game out, and someone to play, then it should be the next thing I want to say.

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The First step: determine the user group, this is the most easily overlooked. Whether it is Hard core or leisure, is a stand-alone or on line’s game, this step is simple, but very important, very important, very important, like before my first entrepreneurial failure boss said, then no matter how hard work is useless work.

The second step: to determine the core play. The core play is the user operation and game feedback most of the cycle subsystem, the other subsystems are around the system. Stand-alone core play the most important, such as running cool, the core play is to jump, flash, eat, and adhere to the longer the better, while the other role of training, increase speed, all kinds of props, etc, is the auxiliary system, is a small system. The general online game is different, the auxiliary system is extremely large, what pet culture, hero training, activities, Contest, guild, etc. is very complicated, But also around the core to go. The core play is not sure before the next step can not be carried out. You can use sand table, paper, drawing board and so on physical objects to study, this core play is suitable for your mind that game.

After the core play to determine, any data involved, you can first design the subsystem. If the game needs to be extended during the follow-up process, in fact, is to increase the core play of the data, and add the Subsystem to change the data.

Game development to go here must enter the demo time, the programmer to write code, planning to write the case, art to determine the art style. In this step, each unit is best independent, there is a person responsible for co-ordination, this person best is planning chiefs. The program can be achieved with black and white blocks, art can be directly ps, can not be discussed, must not be chaotic, or we will quarrel, because any demo is a lot of defects, and anyone can find the problem, The Countless projects died in the demo of the endless quarrel and modification. Because the process of any mistakes made, bug, interface problems, planning problems can be resolved. And even the entire core and demo will change or even discard.

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After a period of time, about a week to 15 days, that is, the basic program and art to complete their own demo part, and then simply together, can run the villain, you can turn the box, you can wield the board, etc., the demo done , Then you can meetting, and must meetting. To be sure of it, this demo value is not worth the continuation, how to continue, how to continue better, this need to have a detailed meeting records, art needs to do what, Program can be or not would achieved , Planning need what system to be added. Record, Classification, sorting, must be done, this step the possibility of death: this core play is not worth doing. Previously developed a game, the core play demo made directly by the collective vote to give up.

The first version of the demo version for the basic version, you can do iteration, and large games are generally a month a version, small game is much faster, but this depends on the game development speed of the program, and some games a week a version, But this depends on the game development speed of the program, and some games a week a version。I feel this time progress or planning boss command, procedures and art to grasp, each version of the content needs to be fixed, rather than casually change, more things can be moved to the next version, do not catch too much. This process is relatively pleasant, as long as there is wages, the project will not die.

The last part of each iteration is a simple test, can not be over-tested, as long as the bug does not prevent the normal demonstration can be, if the combination of operations will cause, do not do that operation, as to why not over-test, because collect of all the subsystems, the bugs will be very much, and even if the tests are done within each subsystem, the new bugs are added after integration. If this period is not managed well, no experience, we may also pass each other, said the program is rubbish, that planning is always the demand, in fact, very normal system integration process of the bug, many projects have died ignorant.

After the iteration version of n times, almost to be released, if it is hand tour, then access to the various platforms sdk and ultimately, if the project has deadline, be sure to give enough time to access, this is not a movie, buy a sheet The ticket went in.

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If you have enough manpower, Propaganda Promotion someone to do, this time you can handle a lot of things in parallel, if only a few people, then slowly come on.

This Game up to the market, the next is the iterative process, but the player data to join the decision-making, the player’s feedback also affected the game improvement process.

I read a lot about the game development process related questions and answers, although the game is software, it is consistent with most of the software engineering process, but there is definitely a lot of different processes in the inside.

The first thing is that the process of demand is very short, and not the most important driver. Many traditional software, such as outsourcing, large enterprise software, etc. have a very heavy user needs to collect the process, while the game is a fast (prototype) iterative method, and the role of art in which the absolute importance is more than your imagination, the game Can be an art demand to change the entire planning case, in other software is basically impossible.

Followed by the failure to use the test to drive the entire project. Traditional software can write test cases after the first write to achieve, the game is basically impossible, because the game, the state is much more than the general software, each pixel can be a different state, and mutual influence, basically can not think about how to play (Test), and then to achieve. Because the bug will accompany the game life.

The last paragraph is also the game development of the particularity of that, After all, the game development of a unblocked games is not so simple things. If you feel this article is useful to you, please praise it!

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