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For the game definition of the game to explore, I am not interested in the topic, but when I read Johan Huizinga’s writings, i want to talk about philosophy topic: what’s the game. The book will be the game as a cultural phenomenon to study, not limited to specific areas or forms, given many game definitions to clarify the nature of the game, meaning, function and status, The book will be the game as a cultural phenomenon to study, not limited to specific areas or forms, given many game definitions to clarify the nature of the game, meaning, function and status, if a word to explain, that is, the game is the essence of culture , Inherent, unacceptable, never accidental. That is, “the game is civilization, civilization is the game.” This sounds so absolute that it seems absurd to many people, but it is the fundamental point of view that Huizinga insists. In many speeches, he repeatedly corrected the organizers’ Text to emphasize his claim. He said: “Every time we speeches, the organizers want to change my subject to ‘The Play Element in Culture’. They changed the inside of ‘of’ to ‘in’, Every time I put forward a defense, and insist on using the ‘of’. ” A word of the difference, it produces a great mistake, the masses do not understand and view the avant-garde, from here you can see out.

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The author Huizinga was a Dutch linguist and historian at the end of the nineteenth century. This book was written in 1938, when the Netherlands because of the relatively peaceful and open environment and open atmosphere of public opinion, has been in the economic and academic aspects of prosperity. Although it is so, but think of Huizinga nearly a hundred years ago on the game has such a broad, profound research, feeling very admire. And a hundred years later, the game industry is also ignorant. Industry brutal development, academic research did not form a system. This from the game industry’s product quality, talent, capital configuration can be reflected. Not only “professionals”, the general public for the game even more “barbaric”, “uncivilized.” And as a game practitioner, when my mentor see my graduation design “Games and art”, also sadly talked about his many students addicted to the game deserted school life. A hundred years ago people do not understand Huizinga “game is civilization”, now people do not understand “game is the game”, deep-rooted stereotypes have become accustomed to.

As mentioned above, the theoretical study of the game is necessary, imminent. But if the game as a lifelong career, the requirements and expectations of course need to improve. As a beginner of this knowledge, Talking about it is no benefit. Obviously, I belong to the above two kinds of people, so never want to be stubborn in the game definition of the game. It is easy to get into a dazzling ready-made conclusion, caught in a meaningless ideological struggle. Called it meaningless, because it is in the cause, there is no guiding role. Leaning without thinking leads to confusion; thinking without learning ends in danger. Because in most cases, we thought the profound thoughts, in fact others have already thought, and made a rigorous real statement. In terms of economic efficiency, this is also a learning method that we should adopt as a rational person.

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I do not want to refer to those game definitions of the game, take a look at the “definition of definition”: game Definition is listed by listing an event or the basic properties of an object to describe or standardize a word or a concept of meaning(From Wikipedia). “game Definition” as the crystallization of wisdom, there are two forms: 1, extract the essence of things, the complex human experience is summarized as brief words, is conducive to the exchange of Identify and recognition; 2, a concept of the essential characteristics and extension Brief description, with known knowledge to explain and describe the unknown things. The two forms are summed up, that is, sum up the past or inspire the future. Both do not have the “game definition” is what I do not recommend the study, is “pseudo-academic”.

And my idea is: indulge in a narrow field of vision, can not find anything, it will not make a difference. The tube can be like a leopard, but to be left to watch the body, it will not commit “The Blind Men and The Elephant” joke.

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