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Flappy Ball

Do you have play “Flappy Bird”? This game like this the goal of the player is to tap the screen to let the ball survive as long as possible about the poles.

In the “Flappy Ball” game, the player only need to use the mouse to control, click on the game screen, ball will bounce up, the constant click will continue to fly to the height. If you do not click, it will drop quickly. So the player to control the ball has been kept in the air, and then pay attention to avoid the rugged pipe on the way.
1, after the start of the game, with the mouse click on the screen, remember to have intermittent click screen, do not let the ball fall.
2, try to maintain a calm mood, when the point do not start too heavy, try to watch the ball.
3, the game score is, ball safe through a pillar is 1 scores. Of course, hit directly hung up, only a life.

Flappy ball fun for several major reasons

1, the game is very simple, there is no purchase and auxiliary props, to achieve the true meaning of the game;

2, now people work pressure, and flappy ball this casual game just in line with some of the psychological people;

3, clever design, play is extremely simple, but the difficulty is extremely sad, it is difficult to stop;

4, the game does not exceed three buttons, the screen is always only three buttons, it is easy to get started;

5, the game depends on gravity, only care about the player’s skills, it is able to exercise the player’s brain coordination and patience.

There may be a lot of people will disdain that flappy bird what fun, this game is simply boring, rather than happy entertainment. In fact, in the process of playing, with the passage of time, will become more skilled, always able to continue beyond their own, this is still a great sense of accomplishment. Like to come in to experience some of it.

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