Final ninja

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Final Ninja - A Unblocked Games. Take control of the Final Ninja, Use your ninja rope and cloaking skills, and overcome your arch nemesis Akuma!

Game Details

Final ninja

The theme of this game is Akuma and Final Ninja. I do not know what hatred they have, but they are going to fight each other.

A little story about the ninja:

My name is always in the forgotten corner, full of dust. Is it because i am a Powerful ninja? He never asked me to answer the question. So, I used to put a cold heart hidden in the black night clothes, hidden into the endless night.

But that day he found me. I slowly stood up, the scene quickly switched, as if ninja stood on his high platform. This moment is the excitement again? Or absence ashamed?

But a few seconds later, his disappointment and anger of the eyes, as if a cold warning line shot in my black night clothes. Next moment, Alarm sounded; next moment, the scene into a suffocating blood red; next moment, I threw darts shooting; next moment, curse leads to countless robots, countless gunmen, countless swordsman, like a storm hit; next moment, countless snipers aimed at ninja; the next moment, countless laser cut the sky from the broken; next moment, ninja fight one’s way out of a heavy encirclement; next moment, BOSS come, such as a mountain, One hand laser gun with one hand saw, Looked at me calmly; next moment, the scene began to blur; next moment, I was unable to close my eyes …

The next moment…

Late study of the corridor, bloody sky under the high platform, the corridor I slowly look up, high on the ninja slowly pick off the helmet. Ninja, are you looking at me when you run? At this time you, whether there will be some difficult to detect the humble, helpless, or hesitate?

Humble? Helpless? I don’t know, that I only know Final ninja will not hesitate.

Ninja will not hesitate! The dart in the hands has been clenched.

Giulia Rossi
Speak with contempt of none,form slave to king,the meanest bee,and will use,a sting.

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