Dark Lands

“Dark Lands” is a Parkour game, Players need to pay attention to avoid all kinds of obstacles, like jagged, traps, flying knife, hit the wood and other items. This unblocked games use of panoramic black and white color, as if into the endless abyss, so that players want to run. You have played the traditional Parkour game players, may wish to try this more thrilling run away fighting game.

The game takes place in a fantasy horror world where the evil forces run rampant, the player will play the hero, set foot on the epic journey, And Orcs, skeleton strange, giant magic and other enemies launched desperate fight. This road is also covered with a variety of dangerous traps, in addition to courage, but also need wisdom.

The game contains two modes, one is the survival mode, the other is the adventure mode. In the survival mode which players have to do is to running, compare the test of the player’s endurance and endurance. In the adventure mode, which is based on Pass through the main, a total of 40 level, you want to get a perfect clearance is a bit difficult.

In addition to a variety of enemies on the way to the run, players need to be careful on the trap. Players step on the trap and will not die immediately, if the blood bar empty also the game is over.

Another fun system is equipment and weapons, weapons and equipment to make your game time longer, and large weapons are also easier to attack to the enemy, handsome weapon shape can also let the players run up when the cool feeling.

This is an innovative game for the Parkour game to add a not complicated but very interesting play. For those who like to run cool players and the original do not like Parkour players, are not to be missed. A runco game can play the feeling of action games, why not try?

Giulia Rossi
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