Carol’s Temp Job

Light Switch
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Click on the mouse to start dress up, but in someone else to look back when you release your mouse !

Game Details

Carol’s Temp Job

Love beautiful Carol’s want to dress yourself up during work. But the office there are colleagues, boss, coffee young man, and so many people, how to do it? Come and help her in this unblocked games!

I think Carol’s is the same as the purpose of this site, secretly dress up at work, but be careful not to be colleagues, boss and coffee young man found. Every time through a level, the office staff will increase, how can a lot of people in the case of dress up their own and not be found?

Playing this game a bit like a spy feeling, as long as not found, even if you stole an elephant does not matter. Moreover, this is just to work, just abandon your sense of guilt, you can secretly dress up at work time it!

It looks like, love the beautiful Carol’s like a bitch.

Giulia Rossi
Speak with contempt of none,form slave to king,the meanest bee,and will use,a sting.

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