Seemingly boring Small game why so popular?

Who says the small game is only the more complex play , the more cool the visual look more popular? Look at the popular unblocked games: “Candy Crush Saga”, “Plants vs. Zombies”, “Angry Birds”, they are small and simple, But still attracted a large number of fans. Some of these games can even use “bored” to describe, and we are still addictive, really incredible. But think about it, behind it also has a profound psychological factors.

Play enough “Candy” – Small game

Candy was launched by British game company King. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that the game daily use of 600 million times, with 50 million game users, is the most popular facebook game, but also Apple, Andrews equipment download the most games.


Many players said this game has the irresistible temptation, some people at work time to steal play, some people are willing to spend tens of dollars to buy equipment. Yahoo Finance Channel commented: “It is neither the most beautiful ever, nor the most sophisticated video game, but it is the most addictive.” This candy-themed game is very simple: the game has a total of about 400 Level, the player needs to be three kinds of the same color candy together to eliminate, you can get the score.

Candy’s powerful lies in its cross-platform features – Play tired on the iPad chose to play for phones, mobile phone play tired and then use the computer play. The connection with facebooke also makes the game more attractive. With facebook, your scoring record will be seen by friends to meet your vanity. In recent years, many small games that rely on social platforms have become popular, because the social platform has a very good interaction.

“Angry Birds” has been killed 10 trillion head “pig”

A group of rounded birds blowing a whirlwind, so that players around the world have committed a “addiction.” Whirlwind strength to the present are no signs of subsiding, this is the earth people can not stop the “angry bird.” Only a year, the game has accumulated 75 million players. Now the “Angry Birds” has been from the game world landing movies, cartoons, dolls, clothing, theme park…


This game in the design of adhering to the usual simple style, old-fashioned revenge story, just use your fingers to manipulate the slingshot can pop up the bird. But this simplicity is the reason why it makes people “addiction”. According to statistics, the global players in the game every day spent a total of 200 million minutes (equivalent to 16 years), so far by the bird killed more than 10 trillion head of pigs. Researchers have analyzed that people can get the original pleasure from this simple game, triggering the release of dopamine in the human brain, which prompts the player to keep playing.

Endless Plants & Endless zombies

In many popular small games, the tower defense game is undoubtedly an important one. One of the most addictive, to the “Plants vs. Zombies”. PopCap has finally launched the second generation of “Zombies”. Lovely style and beautiful music, in the picture quality, storyline and role settings have a lot of innovation, aroused greater interest in the players.

Many people have said that whenever playing the tower defense game can always recall childhood, tank war is one of the classic. A player said that friends around are playing “Zombies Zombies”, while working will exchange ideas, “This allows us to have a common topic.” “When I first played this kind of tower defense game, I found the feeling of childhood, and then continue to play, is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


A study conducted by the Institute of Human Health and Human Behavior Studies at the University of East Carolina at the University of the United States also shows that playing casual games can promote mental health and alleviate people’s anxiety caused by stress in working life.

The psychology behind the small game

For the small game addiction phenomenon, Tom Stafford, a professor of psychology at the University of Sheffield in the UK, argues that this is due to a psychological phenomenon: the Zeigarnik effect. This effect is proposed by the Russian psychologist Zeigarnik, it refers to the “Unfinished task take sth. to heart” phenomenon. Give some examples of life, a qualified waitress usually remembers a wide variety of dishes and dishes that are served by each guest, but after the dish, these memories are instantly cleared; When we are in doubt in our lives, we will find an answer through a variety of ways, but will soon be forgotten after the answer…These phenomena are reflected in the Tsai Gan Nick effect.

Similarly, the popular game designers also use this psychological phenomenon. Each point in the game is responsible for the to set a need to solve the problem, to stimulate the player’s customs clearance desire. Each pass a level, there are more exciting next off waiting for them to break.

Some games are more “bad”, the player after a failure need to wait for a period of time to continue, such as Candy this unblocked games, the purpose of doing so is to let the player produce “withdrawal symptoms” – itchy intolerable, the game is more unable to stop.

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