Agh zombies

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Instructions: In this online zombie game, use the Arrow Keys to move, A to shoot, and S to hit. Battle your way through invading zombies, and collect extra bullets and other goodies, in this action-packed side-scrolling zombie game. Reach bonus levels, and an almighty Boss with truck-full of zombies.

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Agh zombies

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Ok maybe this one is a little late, but Agh Zombies is still a great fighting / shooting game. It’s 2022 and doomsday is near, the streets are filled with brain eating zombies! Try to survive the in this frantic side-scrolling zombie shooter.

Blast your way through hordes of zombies in this fun side scrolling shooter-brawler. Pickup different power-ups: From acid , to flaming bullets, to extra ammo and med-kits to help you survive as long as possible from this zombie apocalypse or turn into one of them ! Those zombies will never know what hit them!

AGH Zombies! The zombie apocalypse is upon us. In this frantic side scrolling fighting / shooting online zombie game, you take the role of one badass with duel pistols. They are everywhere, the undead infecting the streets. Shoot and melee hack your way through the street of London. Battle your way through invading zombies, while collecting various weapons and ammo to help you survive. Its a Zombie Slayers Dream!

Giulia Rossi
Speak with contempt of none,form slave to king,the meanest bee,and will use,a sting.

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