13 Nights

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13 Nights

fun Adventure unblocked games – 13 Nights

13 Nights is a strategy shooting defense game where you play the role of Itan’s friends. Itan studied for many years. When he finally found the ancient artifact that holds knowledge to the ancient nations, it was however, not what he was expecting. Engulfed with the power of the artifact, Itan began summoning hordes of undead to attack all living creatures. Itan’s faitful friends decided to hold back the horde while someone calls for back up from the empire. Save your friend Itan and hold off an army of undead as they try to rise from the grave. Use your bow, slingshot, and musket and survive all 13 Nights! Upgrade your abilities and stick together. Use each of the characters abilities to hold off waves of skeletons and gargoyles.

In this epic shooter defense game – 13 Nights, You are going to defend the kingdom from the hordes of evil that wants to conquer your land. With the use of three warriors, you’ll strategically use them in defeating the wave of evil creatures that will go on your way! Can you survive for 13 nights?

13 Night is an online html5 Tower Defense game which you can play for free here at This Action unblocked games is one of the many action games that we feature. If you want to play more games, head over to the Action game page, or just check out the All games page.

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